Cool Mini or not hat Zombicide 2.0 angekündigt. In dieser Edition sollen die Verbesserungen aus den neuen Zombicide Spielen in die „alte“ Version eingespielt werden. Also wird das Gegenwarts Setting dadurch entstaubt. Z.B. sind die Character Tableus dann endlich in der Gegenwart angekommen. Ebenfalls wird es Regelanpassung geben. Leider müssen wir uns aber noch bis 2020 gedulden bis das Ganze auf Kickstarter in die Finanzierungsphase geht.

Hier die original Pressemitteilung:

Zombicide, the board game, has taken the world by storm with over 2 million copies sold since its release in 2012 and spawning a cult franchise of cooperative zombie slaying all over the world. In 2020, prepare for Zombicide 2nd edition!

In Zombicide, zombies are controlled by the game, while players take on the role of Survivors who must cooperate in order to survive and thrive in a world overrun by the bloodthirsty undead. Find guns and gear to take the fight to the zombies through 25 different scenarios linked by a branching story as you pick your way through an infested city.

Returning players will find that the classic rules have been refined, streamlining game play and getting into the thick of the action faster than ever before! Veteran zombie hunters will still be able to use their current collections as updates will be available.

Along with an emphasis of story-driven, interconnected missions, Zombicide has all new components and award-winning miniatures, including plastic dashboards and six new child Survivors for players to choose from. The horrific and monstrously massive Abomination zombies return, except now there are twice as many ready to feast on player brains.

Thiago Aranha, senior producer at CMON, said about the new edition, “We’ve gone through every aspect of the game, from making doors easier to work, to updating how the car drives on the board, to reworking target priority for ranged attacks and adding in dark zones that will hide zombies from survivor’s bullets, looking at where we could improve and make the Zombicide game experience all that it could be. We’re very proud with how this new edition has turned out, and it’ll provide all the thrill of Zombicide yet challenge returning players in new ways.”

This new edition of Zombicide will be coming to Kickstarter in 2020.